...from the inside of the ...Éolienne =D

Thanks to my colleagues from IFSTTAR Nantes, for the first time in my life I have visited a Wind Tower.

The great advantage of our project is the opportunity to travel a lot:
experience long-time exchanges between involved institutions, participate in conferences, workshops,make visits to various sites and objects.
This time, it was a one-day business-trip to Nantes that became an adventure!

Starting from the early morning, when we got a chance to see Nantes and even hear some historical facts.

Many thanks to Odile for the ride through the center of Nantes!
The technical part of this trip was interesting and enriching. In the morning we had a reunion of three ESRs with Antoine and Sima.
Many thanks to Antoine for showing us your work and your lab!
Then, we saw the GeoEND laboratory of Ifsttar Nantes to see its successful projects and the ongoing work.
Many thanks to Olivier for detailed explanations!
In the afternoon, we arrived in the park of wind turbines at Saint-Hilaire near Nantes, wh…

Read if you have much stress in your work !

This time I would like to speak about the importance of the mood in any type of work.
Actually, I didn’t write any post for a long time due to my mood that was so low that I even stayed sick during the entire Christmas holiday. There are many aspects that could affect our mood. It might be the work or our personal life, the weather or conditions of life… and of course, the life of a researcher is full of stress, uncertainty in everything and difficulties with the work…

- our main task here is to manage all these negative moods and psychological troubles

I don’t know if it is applicable only in my case, but may be some other early stage (or even later stage J ) researchers or students would find these simple suggestions useful or helpful.

I – sleep more! 
The lack of resting hours is influencing badly the health in general and the efficiency of your brain
II – don’t overwork several days in a row! 
Even if you are not tired enough after 8-9 hours of thinking, working hard, you might sta…

Importance of Motivation

Every researcher knows that in addition to Hard Work, Strong Mind, Careful Planning and Optimistic Character, we need to be Motivated. 
Last week, for all my INFRASTAR colleagues, the training at EPFL was organized. That was a really important experience for all of us! 
useful lectures,new ideas,cooperation,teambuilding                 ... and much more.

All of us presented the progress in the research, aims & objectives, challenges & difficulties. Every ESR is at his or her own stage of the PhD, but the main and the most important thing which is the same for all of us is

It was so nice to listen to curious and excited people who are going towards their goals with pleasure 😊 Our motivation helps us to get through all troubles and to never give up. In the end, it will bring us to the best opportunities and to the great success.

I wish only good luck and endurance to all ESRs and to the project itself! 

Wonderful difficulties of International PhD

The PhD-life is crazy! xD

In my mind, I have just arrived from my first secondment at EPFL, Lausanne back to Paris.
In reality, a few weeks have already passed!

That is true: being involved in an international project, you are very unluckily bored. Plenty of training events, exchanges, conferences, and meetings! If to include here some outreach activities and personal vacations, all of us, we've got itchy feet! Always moving, flying, running, changing...

🚙 🚃 🚄 ✈ 🚀
For example,  I had just come back to my office in France when I needed to book new "missions" for this academic year! As well, for the holidays, I always travel either to my homeland or to discover new places, and each weekend I have to cross France for personal reasons.

So, already, lots of flights and trains (recently, I received an email from French train company SNCF that in 2017, I already made more than 15000 km only in France!)
and I haven't even finished my 1st year of PhD...
 This is wonderful

My first conference :)


I am so glad to share with you the amazing experience of participating in my very first European conference! 
CFM 2017 - Congrès Français de Mécanique - took place in Lille, France, between 28/08 and 01/09. The event was quite challenging for me since it was almost fully in French, however, there I discovered that my French is good enough 😊 

Here is my presentation:

And here is my article.
Inspiring presentations in different areas of science, interesting discussions and even new friends 😃

The conference is not only about work, we also had some fun there 😉

Many thanks to CFMfor this wonderful week!!!

INFRASTAR trip from EPFL to some Swiss bridges

...a few more photos to share 😊

Today with ESR4 Imane and ESR5 Bartek we have visited two more objects in Switzerland, where monitoring is taking place:

Crêt de l'AnneauViaduc de Chillon  Taking data from gauges under the Crêt de l'Anneau 
Taking data from gauges inside the Viaduc de Chillon
... and of course, outside it is amazing, as well, fits good the nature of Switzerland!
Viaduc de Chillon
...and to increase the mood:
Warm colors of Swiss afternoon, near the Crêt de l'Anneau 
Thank you, guys, for this trip 😉

One more Advantage of INFRASTAR project

Very Good Day to everyone !! 😉

I am writing a new post to share my happiness:
I have a chance to stay in one of the most wonderful cities
Lausanne is amazing 😊 
Thank you, INFRASTAR project!

Why I am here:
After a half a year of my work, I am doing the first SECONDMENT - at EPFL - 3 months of work on the topic related to my own project but touching also topics of my INFRASTAR colleagues.

We work together with ESR4 Imane and ESR5 Bartek
SECONDMENT is a good chance to make connection between participants of the whole project:

share our ideas, and get some new ones, gain extra  knowledge in areas around our own research projects,explore the environment of other companies, universities and institutes. Moreover, working for a few months in another place is a good opportunity to discover some interesting objects.

In my case, it is the object of work of ESR5 Bartek
The very old Eifeld railway bridge over the Kander river,  where strain gauges were installed for a few weeks
The work promises…